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Katahdin Coffee House Pivots to Bank Corner

One of the most popular Main Street eateries has taken a major step forward by reopening in an adjacent storefront. Katahdin Coffee House – soon to be known as simply Katahdin House – is now located at iconic Bank Corner in the heart of downtown Calais, and the new, much larger venue is creating a significant buzz.

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Welcome to Our New Website

Greetings, members of the local Calais and worldwide community! We are pleased to present our newest website, designed to be easier to view on tablets and phones for the convenience and enjoyment of our digital readership. Here, subscribers will be able to access the top stories from the Calais Advertiser every week, as well as being able to access the PDF version of the full paper. 

We hope you like our new look and we look forward to continuing to provide you with all the news from way Down East! 

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Becky Moholland Named to Maine Basketball Hall of Fame

By Lura Jackson

One of Calais Middle High School’s [CMHS] greatest basketball stars has been recognized with a truly distinguished honorific. Becky Moholland Ireland is one of 24 inductees this year to the Maine Basketball Hall of Fame, and the first person from Calais to receive such an award.

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Calais Callbacks Bring in the Laughs

By Kaileigh Deacon

In its first full year in operation the Calais High School Drama Program has been improving and working to build their program back up. They have put on two plays with this most recent one making their third. This play not only represents their third production but also their first time performing in a competition. The State Drama Festival is coming up and the Calais Callbacks will be competing in the festival for the first time in over five years. 

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PES Student Recognized for Demonstrating Silent Strength

Posted by Silent-Strength on Facebook:

Jim Walker (custodian at Princeton Elementary in Princeton, Maine) purchased a Silent Strength t-shirt, because he wanted to give it to a deserving student. After conferring with Ms. Disher, they chose to give the shirt to Lucian. Here is the response that Ms. Disher sent to us as to why they picked Lucian. May God bless all of the “Lucians” out there who are making a positive impact on all of the students (and adults) in their schools!

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Life in Early Baileyville Shared in An Amazing Journey

By Lura Jackson

Whether you prefer to call it Woodland or Baileyville, have you ever been curious about the Baileys that passed their name on to the town? Local history fans will be glad to add a new piece to their bookshelf in the form of An Amazing Journey, a recently-released nonfiction story of the original Bayley family by descendant Jim Bailey.

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Anav Silverman Reflects on Being an International Journalist

By Lura Jackson

“Oh, the places you’ll go” – the Dr. Seuss quote is often used to encourage students at Calais Middle High School in considering their future, and it rarely feels more appropriate than when reflecting on the highly successful career of a CMHS graduate. After graduating from CMHS in 2004, Anav Silverman has gone on to become a respected and prolific international journalist.

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Supermoon February 2019

February 19th saw the rising of this massive supermoon, as seen from Eastport over Campobello. A supermoon occurs when the moon is near its closest point, or perigee, to the Earth. (Photo from Eastport, Me. City with A View)

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Vehicle Fire in Baring, Maine

A vehicle fire in a Baring trailer park on Thursday, February 21st was rapidly handled by the Baileyville Fire Department. The fire, according to Baileyville Fire Chief John McPhee, fully engulfed the front half of the vehicle. Once responders arrived, it was contained within five minutes. The vehicle was parked next to a home but was pulled back to prevent the fire from spreading. No damage took place to the nearby properties. (Photo by Wendy Little)

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PAWS Pet of the Week - Dana!

Dana is a beautiful beige Torbie. She has incredibly soft fur that perfectly matches her equally soft personality. Dana is very calm, and can be a little shy. However, she loves face scratches, and even is ok with belly rubs once she warms up to you. She requires a little extra patience at first, but once she's comfortable Dana loves to purr and will head bump you for more affection. If you'd love to add Dana to your family, come visit her Thursday to Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m.!  

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WCCC Polar Bear Dip Raising Funds for Support Houses

Living in a remote rural area like Washington County is synonymous with traveling long distances for certain kinds of medical care, including cancer treatment. The combination of travel and lodging is often too much for local families to handle on their own – and that’s where the Ronald McDonald House and Sarah’s House come in, offering free lodging to those in need. The role of these organizations is so important that the Student Senate of Washington County Community College coordinates the Polar Bear Dip every year to support them.

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Orphaned Bear Cub Gets Fresh Start with New Mom

 By Amanda DeMusz, Regional Wildlife Biologist

Last April, an orphaned bear cub from Caribou was placed in a den with a new mom, Jen, an experienced mother bear that had been found in good shape with her single cub when her den was visited by the department bear research crew a few weeks before the orphaned cub was found. Warden Alan Dudley managed to catch the cub whose mother had been hit by a car on the highway, and Biologists Randy Cross and Amanda DeMusz took the cub deep into the woods to its new family.

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