Afghanistan and the Southern Border: Incompetence, Malevolence or Both?


Jon Reisman

In less than 8 months the Biden administration has implemented policies that opened our southern border to almost 2 million illegal immigrants and returned Afghanistan to the Taliban while gifting the Islamic weaponry fundamentalists with thousands of American hostages and billions of dollars of American they can use to nourish Al Qaeda and ISIS, execute and/or terrorize Afghan men who helped us and Afghan women in general. Of course, woke allegiance to multiculturalism prevents us from condemning the Taliban, because all cultures deserve respect and deference except western systemically racist ones like America.
It is tempting to blame these policy failures on the obvious incompetence of senile Joe and his handlers, and that is surely part of the problem. However, the real reason is malevolence, and they are not really policy failures. Biden and the Democrats did this on purpose. They do not like America much (we are systemically racist, we are killing the planet, and Trump voters clinging to their guns and bibles are the American version of the Taliban). The Left wants very much to humiliate, punish and change the country, because we are wicked and sinful. Opening the border and letting in 2 million prospective Democratic voters is exactly the prescription for “fundamentally transforming the country”.
The open border is specifically a consequence of the anti-Trump animus that Biden promised. In his first week in office, Biden reversed the “Stay in Mexico” policy and reinstated “Catch and Release”, thus opening the border that Trump had effectively sealed. The illegal immigrants are being shipped around the country regardless of Covid or lack of ID or vaccination passport. The illegals have more freedom than the serfs and peasants who were born here or came in legally.
Biden and his handlers have been focused on reversing all the bad orange man’s policies. The open southern border was only the beginning. Energy independence and low gas prices were quickly cancelled. Biden rejoined the Paris climate agreement so he can further punish the serfs with higher energy prices while virtue signaling his climate bona fides (but not actually doing anything real to avert global warming). The Iranian nuclear appeasement deal, which Trump renounced, is back on the table, and Biden is already practicing appeasing the mullahs by kneeling to the Taliban. Of course, neither Paris nor the new Iranian appeasement deal will be sent to the Senate for the constitutionally required Treaty confirmation. The Constitution did not apply to President Obama (Paris, Iran, DACA), and it certainly does not apply to Biden (see the renewed CDC eviction moratorium). The Constitution and Democracy (as in the people rule, not the elites and oligarchs) are just opium for the serfs, and do not apply to our progressive betters.
The one policy area that Biden chose not to reverse Trump on was Afghanistan. Trump wanted to withdraw, and Biden claimed they were “bound” by the agreement Trump negotiated with the Taliban. The difference was, Trump made it clear he would carry a big stick and kill terrorists and Taliban who threatened Americans. Remember the late Trump assassinated Iranian General Suleimani? Biden is sucking up to the Iranians and the Taliban, not making them fear his wrath. Biden probably never read Machiavelli (his taste in political reading has historically favored stuff he could plagiarize) but he would profit from Niccolo’s sage advice to leaders: “It is better to be feared than loved.” It is only our allies that fear Joe Biden and his policies, not the Taliban, Iranians or Chinese. That may well be incompetence. Incompetence or malevolence, we are in for a lot more pain from Biden and the left. I wonder how many GOP Congressional candidates will follow Senator Lindsay Graham’s call to impeach the senile nasty piece of work over the Afghanistan fiasco. Bruce Poliquin, will you take a stand?  
Jon Reisman is an associate professor of economics and public policy at the University of Maine at Machias. His views are his own. Mr. Reisman welcomes comments as letters to the editor here, or to him directly via email at [email protected].

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