State of the Union: Discontent


Jon Reisman

President Brandon’s State of the Union address left me in a state of discontent and anger, which is probably appropriate, since that is what 14 months of Brandon has done to the nation as a whole.

Start with the image of Brandon, cackling Kamala and Botox Nancy, the leaders of our nation. That picture in and of itself reveals how much trouble we are in. Malevolent, dementia-ridden lying Joe, flanked by his clueless, vacuous, word salad spewing VEEP/ (open) border czar/woman of color preference selected disaster and the oligarch enabling plastic surgery octogenarian queen of San Francisco values with a frozen grin on her frozen features. A picture is worth a 1000 words, and explains Russian, Chinese and Iranian aggression not to mention American decline.

Then there is the poll driven lies of commission and omission “substance” of the teleprompter driven but still substantially mangled speech that Brandon stumbled through while Kamala and Nancy giggled and cackled behind him.

On invasion and borders
As Brandon spoke, the Russian vise on Ukraine was inexorably tightening, and despite his vow to make the Russian pay by destroying their economy, the principal source of Putin’s power, energy sales, remain largely unchecked, aided and abetted by Brandon’s willful and purposeful destruction of American energy dominance in the name of climate alarmism. Brandon’s threats against Russia and Putin are another version of Obama’s “red-line”: empty, meaningless and ultimately damaging American national security, because no one believes it.

The Ukrainian leadership and resistance has been amazingly superior to the repellant joke  American version, but the tragic reality is they are going to be snuffed out by Russian aggression coupled with western/NATO hollow hypocrisy and prevarication. The western response is a day late and a dollar short. Corporate media misdirection and belated Brandon bellowing will not be able to obscure the fact that Brandon’s feckless Afghanistan disaster led to Putin determining he could invade Ukraine without fear of major consequence. Do not be surprised when Putin’s new BFF Xi joins the hegemon party and invades Taiwan.

After touting the Afghanistan pull out as a “major success,” Brandon somehow forgot to mention it in his speech, until the wonderful Rep. Lauren Boebert heckled him with a reminder of the 13 service members his “major success” killed. In the words of a reviled Star Wars character, “How rude.”

In the latter part of his lying speech, Brandon called for securing our borders, which he opened and continues to keep open, offering amnesty to the 2 million unvetted invaders/future Democratic voters who have crossed our Southern border at his behest. Why is invasion and the violation of the Ukrainian/Russian border an important American national security interest worth risking a nuclear WWIII over, but the ongoing invasion of America, aided and abetted by

Brandon and Kamala, is only worth lying about? The answer is simple: bad polls and Texas Hispanics moving to the GOP.

Finally, there was the omission of a major goal that Brandon touted when he came to office: Equity. Equity, which I understand as equality of outcome, requiring that if an “oppressed” group is “underrepresented,” quotas, preferences, “anti-racism” discrimination and “oppressor” reeducation must be used to achieve “social justice.” Overrepresentation of oppressor groups (principally white heterosexual males, but also including Jews (who were not considered “white” until the mid to late 20th century) and Asian-Americans (whose attitudes towards education and capitalism are apparently essentially white supremacist)) is prima facie evidence of systemic racism. Equity is the reason the military under Brandon has been conducting thoughtcrime pogroms and is more focused on diversity and purging bias and white supremacy than combat readiness. The omission of equity after so much initial effort and focus is also attributable to poll driven fear and loathing of the American electorate. Call it Democrat’s Democracy Discontent.

Jon Reisman is an associate professor of economics and public policy at the University of Maine at Machias. His views are his own. Mr. Reisman welcomes comments as letters to the editor here, or to him directly via email at [email protected].

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