Students of St. Croix Christian Academy ready to share their projects with attendees at a recently-held open house. (SCCA photo)

St. Croix Christian Academy Offers New Educational Opportunity for Greater-Calais Area


Jayna Smith

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Families in the greater Calais area now have a new educational alternative for their children with the introduction of St. Croix Christian Academy.  In its inaugural year, the academy aims to provide parents with greater control over their child’s educational journey, offering an alternative to the public school system.

Justin Harvey, administrator of the academy and one of its tutors, expressed the vision behind the initiative, stating, “We recognized that there are families with students for whom the public educational system was just not suitable for their preferences.  There are any number of ranging issues, from emphasis of the public-school curriculum or values that do not match their family dynamics to other issues like the desire for more personally invested time with their child. Some of these issues surface later in a student’s educational journey.”

The academy’s unique approach includes tailored tutoring sessions for students in grades 6 through 12, allowing families to customize their schedules based on subject preferences.  Flexibility is key, with some opting for specific days focusing on core subjects like math and science, while others choose a more comprehensive approach encompassing various disciplines. 

Beyond academics, St. Croix Christian Academy emphasizes community engagement and enrichment opportunities.  Monthly field trips provide students and families with diverse experiences, ranging from visits to local landmarks to excursions to such places as Eastport’s Coast Guard Station and Saint Andrews’ botanical gardens, among others.  Additionally, weekly chapel sessions feature guest speakers from area churches, fostering a sense of belonging and reinforcing faith-based values integral to the academy’s mission.

With a commitment to providing a holistic education rooted in Christian principles, St. Croix Christian Academy aims to empower students academically, spiritually, and socially, setting them on a path toward lifelong success.  “We are overtly Christian in our instruction, utilizing curriculum that glorifies our God and seeks to encourage Biblical principles and disciplines.  We believe that by doing this, we are giving our students the best path for success in their academics, their work ethic, and their eternal life,” Harvey said.

 As St. Croix Christian Academy continues to chart its course for the future, the institution approaches its expansion plans with cautious optimism.  While welcoming the prospect of growth, the academy is steadfast in its commitment to preserving the unique qualities that set it apart as an educational option.

 “We would welcome growth, but don’t want to lose the elements that make us unique as an educational option,” Harvey noted.  With a focus on empowering parents to directly instruct their children, the academy hopes to see increased enrollment in the coming years as awareness of its benefits spreads.

Anticipating a rise in enrollment, the academy plans to expand its team by hiring additional tutors.  Moreover, considerations for alternate locations to accommodate growth are already underway. 

Applications for the upcoming school year are now being accepted, with the academy aiming to maintain tuition at current levels.  Additionally, opportunities for financial donations are open to those interested in providing scholarships for families in need. 

In a bid to enhance student experiences, the academy is exploring the possibility of acquiring dedicated transportation, particularly for field trip days.  Discussions regarding these objectives are ongoing within the academy’s board, and those who could possibly assist with this can call Katie McGouldrick, academy board member and art/photography tutor, at 207-952-9312.

“It has been a wonderful school year so far,” Harvey noted.  “Our students have enjoyed a great amount of camaraderie while also growing in their academic abilities.  We look forward to the rest of this school year and the opportunities still before us and also to the coming years to see how we can enrich our community.”

The St. Croix Christian Academy office is located at 658 Main Street in Calais.  For additional information, one can call 207-952-9312.

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