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Jon Reisman

• The ice went out on Cathance Lake on April 1st, two to three weeks before “normal.” Clearly, a sign of the climate change apocalypse that Governor Mills and her fellow climate alarmists have been mewling about and demanding we stop using fossil fuels (only the basis of our civilization). The carbon warming apocalypse has so far meant earlier planting times, a longer growing season, record crop outputs (carbon dioxide is also known as plant food) and steady employment for climate alarmists. It must be stopped.

• In Germany and California, increased reliance on unreliable solar and wind, coupled with a phase out of “bad”, though carbon free nuclear power, has predictably resulted in third world like expensive and unreliable power. Great for Generator sales, not so much for remaining a developed and civilized country. Germany’s Green New Deal away from fossil fuels means electricity costs about $.32 per kilowatt hour, more than twice what we pay in Maine and almost 3 times the what US states that still rely on coal, gas and nuclear pay. But Green jobs! 

• Solar and Wind are intermittent and unreliable, which is why they must be backed up by gas and/or batteries if you want a reliable power grid (which is probably racist, but never mind). Battery technology has advanced thanks to massive taxpayer subsidies to Elon Musk et al, and currently depends on rare earth mining, particularly Lithium, which is largely controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, which also gave us Covid. Lithium mines are an environmental disaster in Africa and South America, but Green jobs and racism, so never mind. Lithium has anti-anxiety and anti-depressant pharmaceutical uses, so that is both a literal and figurative never mind. 

• Query: What do you get when you combine Lithium, Sodium and the Chinese Communist Party? Answer: Assault and Battery.

• Bill Gates, who knows what’s best for us according to the mainstream media, Big Tech and the Public Health mafia, has decided that climate engineering should now be given a try and paid for by US taxpayers, because our efforts to save the planet from fossil fuel use are too little and too late. I actually agree with Bill that if you play the apocalypse card, research and  implementation of a geoengineering Plan B only makes Precautionary Principle sense. However, the subsequent wailing from the environmental left shows the whole climate con is really about control, not saving the planet. I have to admit that Bill does kind of look like the doofus-like Sorcerer’s Apprentice who unleashes all manner of havoc playing with forces beyond his understanding and control. On the other hand, the same could be said for President Biden.

• Which reminds me of a quote attributed to Harry Truman: he wanted a one-armed economist, because they were always saying, “on the other hand.”

• The Bangor Daily News reports that the 2022 Maine gubernatorial race is picking up, with Janet Mills starting to raise money and with the GOP gubernatorial nomination reserved for former Governor LePage if he runs. With all due respect, the last thing Maine needs is two candidates older than me vying for the Blaine House. I think a LePage candidacy will result in another four years of Janet Mills. The Maine GOP needs a gubernatorial candidate who will challenge climate alarmism and the woke, racist and race obsessed poison the left is pushing with a smile rather than a menacing growl. 

• Any Republican taking those positions will be attacked by the press. The dishonest and coordinated hit job on 2024 early  Presidential frontrunner Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis  by CBS, the New York Times and the Washington Post is a clear example of how the Maine Press will treat any Republican candidate who challenges the woke climate apocalypse narrative. I have no doubt that LePage would fight back, but a younger, sunnier and less historically tainted candidate will have a better chance in my opinion.

• In the meantime, all this global warming means I can get out in the garden, plant my peas, and harvest them for a Biden-Harris approved July 4th dinner of endangered salmon and peas with a seditious nod to the 1st and 2nd Amendments before they are flushed away like the Atlanta All-Star Game.

Jon Reisman is an associate professor of economics and public policy at the University of Maine at Machias. His views are his own. Mr. Reisman welcomes comments as letters to the editor here, or to him directly via email at jreisman@maine.edu.

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