Calais Regional Hospital’s DeeDee Travis and lead mammography technician Billie Jo Ham accept a $1,500 donation from Ian Pratt, of Pratt Chevrolet. The money allows for free breast cancer screenings to those without the means to pay. (Photo by Jayna Smith)

Pratt Donates to CRH for Breast Cancer Screenings


Jayna Smith

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For the tenth year in a row, Chevrolet has partnered with the American Cancer Society to support its Making Strides Against Breast Cancer program.  With every #IDriveFor Twitter or Instagram post made throughout the month of October, Chevrolet contributed $5 to the American Cancer Society.  

Ian Pratt, of the local Chevrolet dealership in Calais, goes one step above Chevrolet’s national program and has done so for seven of the ten years of the #IDriveFor campaign.  On behalf of his team and his family, he donates $1,500 annually directly to Calais Regional Hospital for breast cancer screening.

Even though Pratt does not have a history of breast cancer in his family, he understands and recognizes the need for early detection.  “I think breast cancer is very preventable if people take the steps to get their screenings.  Early catch is the key.  If you don’t do it, it’s very fatal,” he said.

Referencing Ben Franklin’s famous quote, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” Pratt expressed he does not want a financial need to ever be a reason for one not to have proper screenings done.  “Calais Regional does a fantastic job of caring for the health of all the people in the area, and this is just something that can help out in this particular area, allowing for free breast cancer screenings for those without a means to pay.”  


“The number of people being diagnosed with breast cancer is increasing, but with early detection the survival rates are high,” CRH’s DeeDee Travis said.  “Women who undergo routine mammograms at Calais Regional Hospital have the latest technology available to them — digital mammography.  The digital mammography technology available at CRH enables patients to receive results from their mammograms more quickly, and often eliminates the need for repeat exams.”

“Early detection and educating yourself about breast cancer can be two of the best possible ‘medicines’ toward fighting the disease,” Travis added.  “Women in their 20s and 30s should have clinical breast exams at least every three years.  Screening mammograms should begin at the age of 40.  Remember, once is not enough – the key to mammography screening is that it be done routinely each year.”

One can learn more about Chevrolet’s #IDriveFor campaign by visiting or more about Pratt by visiting  For information on mammography and other services available at Calais Regional Hospital, visit  

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