Outrage Update


Jon Reisman

Two weeks ago I wrote about the letter the National School Board Association (lobbyist for leftist school boards across the nation) had sent to President Biden and his wingman, Attorney General Merrick Garland, requesting that angry parents protesting covid mandates, critical race theory and woke diversity, equity and inclusion policies be classified as “domestic terrorists” and to have the full powers of the FBI and Department of Justice weaponized and deployed against the deplorables who had dared   to challenge the right of the teachers unions and educrats to indoctrinate America’s children with Marxist swill. With amazing swiftness, AG Garland granted their request and directed the FBI to immediately begin “protecting” school board members from dangerous domestic terrorist parents.
Since that column, additional facts and reporting have come to light, and the Biden administration is deeply enmeshed in a new scandal that will make Afghanistan, the southern border, phony cackling Kamala and Biden crime family corruption and calumny take a back seat to swarm of angry Moms and Dads determined to not be silenced as they seek to protect their kids. A failure to follow the dictum that it is inadvisable if not stupidly reckless to get between a mama bear and her cubs should cost the Democrats the Virginia governorship for starters.

First,  it appears that the NSBA letter and complaints were solicited by and coordinated with the White House- domestic policy czarina Susan Rice, no stranger to lying to the nation, playing the race and gender “oppressed” card and writing CYA memos to herself would appear to be the most likely culprit, although First Lady and National Education Association member “Dr.” Jill “Edith Wilson” Biden should not be ruled out.
Upon reception of the letter, AG Garland determined and accepted its veracity with stunning speed and credulity and without any additional investigation. Within a week, the Justice Department and FBI were weaponized to stifle deplorables and “protect” the Teachers unions and educrats who make up a key part of the progressive Democratic base.

AG Garland has a significant conflict of interest in the matter. His son-in-law founded and owns Panorama, a multi-million dollar Critical Race Theory/ Diversity, Equity and Inclusion/Cultural Competence Educational materials and consulting firm. Garland is so arrogant and/or morally obtuse that he saw no reason to consult the Biden or DOJ independent ethics consigliere on the matter before issuing his weaponization and First Amendment crushing memo/edict. In his defense, it’s hard to see how the same “ethicists” who think Hunter’s anonymous art sales are just fine or had no problem with previous IRS selective abuse of the Tea Party and conservative group’s tax exempt status or leftist media and Big Tech suppression of the Biden crime family laptop e-mails could possibly have any problem with the Attorney General protecting his daughter and son-in-laws critical race theory financial empire.

Additional reporting has uncovered the fact that one of the poster child parent domestic terrorists was vigorously protesting transgender bathroom policies because of the (alleged) rape of his daughter in a bathroom by a “boy in a skirt”. The school board and educrats denied there had been any rape incidents, even though they had transferred the boy (?) to another school where he/she (?) had allegedly repeated the bathroom sexual assault on another student. The educrats had the offending parent arrested and dragged off from the school board meeting, but were later forced to admit they had failed to report the assaults and protect their students. One woke leftist school board member has since resigned, but the lying superintendent remains in place, no doubt drawing a handsome 6 figure salary and donating substantial sums to Democrat politicians.

Although my outrage quota is already exceeded, I have decided to prepare freedom of information requests for the Maine Department of Education and several school systems around the state to determine what kind of expenditures they have made with Panorama to promote Critical Race Theory and the Democratic Party. I will keep you updated, but I am not confident that educrats in Augusta, Bangor, Portland, South Portland, Hallowell, Lewiston, Waterville, Kittery, Freeport, Belfast and beyond will respond with the speed of AG Garland to the NSBA, although they may well copy his evasiveness and lack of candor.

Jon Reisman is an associate professor of economics and public policy at the University of Maine at Machias. His views are his own. Mr. Reisman welcomes comments as letters to the editor here, or to him directly via email at [email protected].

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