Tom and Billie Parks, happily married for 56 years. (Photo by Jayna Smith)

Love Everlasting: 56 Years of Happiness Together


By Jayna Smith

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Some say marriage isn’t easy, but for one local couple, it seems to have been a walk in the park.

Tom and Billie Parks, of Calais,  just celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary on Dec. 9th.  They met as kids, and it was eight years after their first encounter when they had their first date.

“We went to the movies.  He was sitting with his friends and I was sitting with my friends, and we walked home together that night, and that was that,” Mrs. Parks said.  

Before that walk home together, however, Mr. Parks knew Billie was the one.  “I knew that before we got together.  I always liked her.  I thought she was nice looking,” he said.  

And for Mrs. Parks, she said she knew Tom was the man for her as well.  “He didn’t drink, he didn’t smoke, he was kind to people...he was handsome,” she stated.

Just a few months after that walk, the couple tied the knot.  Together they have two children, Tom and Anita, along with four grandchildren.

Mr. and Mrs. Parks practice many values in their marriage, and for them, each seems to come naturally.  “We never call one another out of our name, we never swear or curse at one another,” Mrs. Parks explained, while Mr. Parks added, “We get along good.”

The Parks explained that they never go to bed angry.  In fact, they both are admittedly so easy-going that they are seldom ever angry and always demonstrate respect for one another, something they both agree is of great importance in any relationship.  

Together, Mr. and Mrs. Parks have worked as a team in their marriage, sharing chores and the like, while also still allowing each other space.  “I do think it’s important that a couple has their own space once in a while,” Mrs. Parks said.  “I don’t have to know where he is every second of the day.”

Mr. and Mrs. Parks still enjoy many things that they always have.  “Every Sunday afternoon we go to Bayside [N.B.] and listen to country music.”  And until recently, the pair would do a lot of dancing.  

When asked if marriage has been as expected, Mr. Parks happily stated, “I have no complaints.” 

As for what has been the most challenging of 56 years of marriage, Mr. Parks was quick to reply, “I don’t think there’s too much challenge.”  

“He never leaves the house without giving me a kiss, always, and we always say we love one another, that all comes easy,” Mrs. Parks added. 

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