Letter to the Editor - Outdoor Adventure Center

Unfortunately, some misinformation is circulating in media sources regarding the Washington County Community College’s Outdoor Adventure Center (OAC).  

The College has not closed the Outdoor Adventure Center (OAC) and the Center resources remain available to WCCC students and community members.  The OAC has a wide range of outdoor equipment for enjoying outdoor educational opportunities in the area.

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Freedom to Choose Life

Although a faulty decision with absolutely no basis whatsoever within the framework of U.S. Constitution, the Roe v. Wade decision forced a horrendous nation-wide requirement on the entire citizenry of the United States of America.

Currently, because the U.S. Supreme Court finally vacated its earlier constitutional error, we finally at least temporarily have the opportunity to debate both any arguable merits for, as well as various readily availability alternatives to abortion, absent the malicious national incumbrance caused by Roe v. Wade. 

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Strikers Urged to Uphold Community Values

In a country that cherishes the freedom of expression and the protective embrace of labor unions within the workplace, it is indeed disconcerting to bear witness to the recent developments within our local community involving the Woodland mill strikers.

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