Editor’s Desk - Anti-Semitism on the rise

By Pierre Little

What I have been receiving in my inbox from the left since the barbaric atrocities committed by Hamas, is a shameful pubescence confusion of mind.  The Israeli war against Hamas is shockingly demonstrating how we as a society are disintegrating from a lack of social cohesion and homogeneous moral understanding.  We are witnessing the left try to justify its rhetoric with a false equivalency argument while they hold 210 hostages.  The left really believes what they say in their blind or contrived ignorance and folly on the subject of the Palestinian and Israeli dispute.  They pontificate how they alone must judge from a position of their own self-assured relative morality and that there is some sort of moral equivalence in the actions of Hamas for the Palestinian cause.  What?  What kind of justice or moral understanding is this?  I have to say, it is a moral understanding that is pubescence, and it’s tremendously damaging to the country. We need adults in the room. 

This newspaper is against any form of Anti-Semitism.  So please stop sending in letters to the editor demonizing Israel and the Jews.

There is NO moral equivalence between the October 7 Hamas massacre and Palestinian civilian casualties in previous or present LEGAL IDF actions targeting Hamas under the rules of war.  If Hamas hadn't attacked, defensive actions would not be taken.  Defensive action must not target civilians but solely target combatants and every effort must be made to protect civilians casualties.  To this end, Israel Defense Forces notified civilians with air-dropped leaflets to move south to avoid the battle between Hamas and the IDF. This satisfies my mind with the moral law and I might add concurs with the Rules of War and the Geneva Conventions.  Any loss of innocent life is tragic.   The IDF has not DIRECTLY targeted civilians in their defensive actions since October 7.

If you want peace then live in peace, seek it.  Don’t pick up RPGs and AK47s or dictate policies forcing Palestinian schoolchildren to be taught to kill Jews.  The ends do not justify the means.  You can not justify the murderous, bloodthirsty butchering of civilians all in the name of a “just” Palestinian cause.  I wish the left would get this through their heads.  Modern society and men of goodwill better start standing up to leftist revolutionary thought.  I said men because we need strong men of dignity and integrity for such a time as this to stand firm.  It's all very appalling seeing the left marching in the streets hand in hand with Islamic immigrants making claims of moral equivalency with Palestinian colors repeating the same anti-Semitic slogans that were shouted loudly in the German streets of Berlin and Frankfurt in the 1930s under Hitler and the Nazis.  The resulting catastrophe of WWII should be a warning and a seminal reminder, but sadly, the lessons of war and history are being forgotten, and it's repeating itself right before our eyes.

What happened on October 7th was in-your-face social media live-streaming of demonic barbarism at a Genghis Khan level.  All against innocent civilians, women, and children.  This MUST NOT ever be condoned by any democratic country or society of peace and goodwill.  Any terrorist group perpetuating this level of atrocities must be eliminated from humanity.  They forfeit their right to an argument with Israel on any of their demands, in my view, until the Palestinians have representative leaders who seek peace and coexistence with Israel.  The way through this crisis is the moral one, not one of inhumanity, barbarity, and chaos, and it's not relative morality we need either; it is objective moral truth seeking peace founded upon a fundamental truth: Thou Shall Not Murder!

Please note: "freedom fighters" do not murder and desecrate the bodies of human beings.  They follow the rules of war regarding civilians, otherwise, they are criminals and terrorists.  Fighting under the rules of war is by no means a license for waging war.  All war is a failure, and civilians on both sides suffer.  But either side better be certain that they are not intentionally perpetrating that suffering on civilians because the wrath of God is swift and exacting. 

I would be guilty of omission if, as a newsman, I had not done all I could to warn people.  Please know that there has never been a more dangerous time in human history than this current crisis.  Seek peace, everyone, and pray it arrives soon.


Pierre Little

Editor and Publisher

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