President Trump and Prime Minister Trudeau Announce Border Closure to Non-Essential Travel

By Jayna Smith

On Wednesday, March 18, it was announced that the longest border between two countries--the US/Canadian border--would close for non-essential travel.  President Trump assured citizens that trade would not be affected.  

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau explained that travelers would not be permitted to cross the border for recreation and tourism, and also stressed, however, that “essential travel” would not stop.  

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Pink Wednesdays in the Lab


Consistent with the ongoing efforts to protect patients, staff, and the community, Calais Regional Hospital Visitors Policy will be restricted beginning Saturday, March 28 as indicated: 

-ONE designated visitor per patient 

-NO visitors with flu-like symptoms 

-NO visitors under the age of 12 

-ALL visitors will be screened 

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Sewing Circle Churns out Face Masks Using Distance-Friendly Assembly Line

By Sarah Craighead Dedmon

Bags of fabric are crisscrossing Washington County along a virtual assembly line so precisely orchestrated the people working on it never see each other. Working remotely, the Washington County Covid-19 Mask Sewing Circle has already delivered more than 500 cloth face masks, and taken orders for 1,200 more. 

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Students See Calais Regional Hospital’s Preparedness Through Video

To share with students the various roles at Calais Regional Hospital, as well as how patients are taken care of and how staff uses personal protective equipment (PPE), Calais Elementary School nurse Mrs. Heather White created a video with some of the CRH staff.  Mrs. White, who also works at the hospital, shared the video to her Facebook page to give students a better understanding of how the hospital is ready to serve them if needed.  (Facebook photo)

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Open Letter to Gov. Mills: Washington County Commissioners would like to open up the county as soon as possible

The Washington County Commissioners yesterday delivered a letter to Governor Janet Mills stating that rural Maine occupies a unique position relative to the coronavirus pandemic, and asking the governor to include the three most rural counties in conversations about how to reopen the state for business. 

The full text of the letter appears here:

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New Brunswick Successfully Tackling COVID-19

By Jean-Pierre Keikens,

When compared to its neighbor Quebec, the Province of New Brunswick shows extraordinary results in its fight against COVID-19.

To date, there have been 118 cases of COVID-19 in New Brunswick, and 112 of them, or 95%, have been reported to have recovered. There were no deaths.

Quebec meanwhile is at 24,982 cases. Only 5,517 (or 22%) were declared recovered, and there have already been 1,599 deaths.

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City Council says, Calais is Open for Business 

Mike Sherrard addresses his fellow councilors, stating, “The community needs to let everyone in the State of Maine know that we’re open for business and we’ve got to get back to work.” Councilor Marcia Rogers, who was opposed to Sherrard’s motion, citing a concern for the welfare of the citizens of Calais, looks on. (City of Calais Facebook Live photo)


Will Not Enforce Governor’s Orders, Declares All Businesses Essential

by Jayna Smith, [email protected]

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Border Closure Continues


Jayna Smith

[email protected]

The United States and Canada recently reached an agreement to continue the closure of the border to all non-essential travel, at least until June 21st.  Border restrictions were first announced on March 18th.  

The closure will continue the prohibition of non-essential traffic, allowing only for the flow of trade and commerce, such as truckers, as well as healthcare workers who live and work on opposite sides of the border.

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