American Dystopia is A Progressive Policy Choice


Jon Reisman

2022 America is a product of deliberate progressive policy choices. It’s tempting in watching Brandon, Kamala and the clown show- including AOC and the Squad, Bernie, Pocahontas, Mayor Pete, Janet “Mistaken” Yellen, Hillary Hack/Iran Appeaser Sullivan and the rest of the sorry lot- to conclude our woes are a consequence of incompetence and stupidity, but that would be wrong. Every dystopic feature of 2022 America is a result of policy choices that Brandon and his progressive puppet masters have deliberately chosen.

The open southern border with concomitant fentanyl and human trafficking bringing millions of future Democrat voters (BIPOC illegal immigrants apparently unaware they are coming to an irredeemably systemically racist hellhole of deplorables) is not a consequence of incompetence or bad luck, but malfeasance and a determination that Progressive power depends on a steady influx of immigrants who will depend on government largesse and replace the deplorables who dared to vote for Donald Trump.  The 2 million plus illegal immigrants who have been welcomed by the Brandon administration and transported in taxpayer funded Brandon charters all across the country, including Maine, are a deliberate progressive policy choice- because borders are racist (except for the Ukraine/Russia border), and Democrat voters are critically needed, especially in red counties and states, because you can’t always count on fraud to win the day and bend the arc of history toward social justice, whatever that is. Articles of Impeachment for failure to faithfully execute immigration law should be filed now, and Bruce Poliquin will not get my general election vote if he fails to support them. If he is not going to Washington to remove Brandon, why bother? I can be poorly represented by Jared Golden, and at least I will not be disappointed.

Expensive and unreliable energy is a deliberate progressive policy choice born of climate alarmism and “Let them buy electric vehicles” elitism. It’s not Putin’s fault, but rather a direct consequence of the war on fossil fuels Brandon pledged (the one campaign promise he is actually keeping). The climate alarmists have drunk the green Kool-Aid and have joined a cult that is turning America into a third world hellhole. To add insult to injury, the green revolution will not abate any detectable or measurable amount of global warming, and the mining and manufacturing necessary for batteries to back up a solar and wind electrical grid is an environmental disaster. Progressive politicians like Governor Mills and green cult members in groups like Maine 350 are a clear and present danger to prosperity and freedom, and they need to be directly confronted and brought to account for their deliberate policy choices that will beggar the country, empower the Chinese Communist party and do absolutely nothing to save the planet.

Inflation is a deliberate progressive policy choice. It is a consequence of “Modern Monetary Theory” embraced by the left, coupled with a progressive determination that more Government (social) spending is good. Inflation is good for debtors, and bad for savers/lenders. Inflation reduces the burden of student debt, a progressive priority. Inflation reduces the real burden of the $30 Trillion national debt (because it can be repaid or refinanced with less valuable dollars). Since the other two options for dealing with the debt and deficits (less spending and/or higher taxes) are politically and/or ideologically unattractive to progressives, inflation is the preferred and deliberate policy choice.

Brandon and his Progressive Posse are doing everything they can to avoid accountability for their deliberate policy choices. They have blamed Republicans, Trump, DeSantis, the NRA, Putin, White Supremacists, racism, deniers, Tucker Carlson and Fox News, while steadfastly claiming that it is not their fault or even responsibility. If polls are to believed, it is probably not going to work, so an aggressive election fraud effort will undoubtedly be deployed. Monkey Pox may be just the ticket, but martial law as imposed by Canadian Emperor Justin Trudeau is also on the table.

Effective September 1 2022, Jon Reisman is retiring from the University of Maine at Machias after 38 years.  Mr. Reisman’s views are his own and he welcomes comments as letters to the editor here, or to him directly via email at [email protected].

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