Adult Family Care Homes of Maine Under New Ownership

Jayna Smith
[email protected]

Jake Chambers, who, with his wife Rhonda, has owned Adult Family Care Homes of Maine since 1999, recently announced that ownership of the facilities will soon be transferred to Edward Sedacca and Christa Means, co-founders of Magnolia Assisted Living in Texas and owners of other such homes in Pennsylvania.

Adult Family Care Homes of Maine includes Robbinston Bridge Home and Calais’ North Street Bridge Home, Remeliah House, Union Village, and Community Care, along with four others spanning across four Maine counties.

At a recent Calais City Council meeting, Chambers told the councilors that within a month of putting the business up for sale, he received five different offers.  

“We didn’t take the highest one, we didn’t take the lowest one.  We took the middle of the road one with people who are already in the business,” Chambers said of the offers.

He explained he and his wife were impressed with the philosophy of Sedacca and Means and felt the transfer of ownership would be a smooth transition for residents and their families.  

At the meeting, Chambers introduced new owners Sedacca and Means, stating, “It’s time to pass the torch on.”

“We run 12 what we call cottage-style assisted living now and we were looking to expand…we focus on relationships with our communities, we like to support our communities, relationships with our families…,” Sedacca explained, adding that he believes Adult Family Care Homes of Maine will complement his other facilities well.  

The council congratulated the Chambers, to which Jake responded, “I want to thank each and every one of you for being good to us over the years.  We appreciate it.”

Each of the Adult Family Care Homes of Maine facilities are state-licensed, long-term care homes.  Through the facilities, just shy of 100 people are employed.
“He’s going to leave everything the way it is,” Chambers later said of Sedacca’s takeover.  This includes keeping the current staff, including Chambers’ son Johnny as the manager.

“They’ve got some good ideas for expansion and growth, to expand services, maybe even looking at a facility for alzheimer's [patients].”  


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